What Do I Want In A Man and Our Relationship? - A woman's Perspective

What Do I Want in A Man and Our Relationship? – A Woman’s Perspective

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What Do I Want In A Man and Our Relationship?  

– A Woman’s Perspective

Have you listened to Tony Robbins – What Do You Need to Do to Make it Happen?  


That is how I thought about this question again: What do I want in a man and our relationship? I did think about this question and write my answers down last year.


Let me ask myself this question again and answer it, so the universe can hear me again.

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  • He loves me, every single day, in every blood or every cell of his body.

  • He is caring and kind. He has a big heart. He cares about people and helps them. He has a pretty smile.


  • He devotes to our marriage, family.


  • He is handy. He can fix things in our house. I enjoy helping him doing house work or maintenance. I love to be his assistant. But many times, he just does them by himself.


  • He can cook. I enjoy watching him cooking for us. The food is really good. We eat quite healthy, mostly. Sometimes we will go out and try restaurants, just being romantic and have some dating moments. We love to try different food.


  • He knows his passion. He does what he loves.


  • He loves communication. We have a lot of communication every day. We always give each other time on communication. Even we are busy, we let each other know we think of each other and we love each other. It could be text, message, call, kiss, hug.


  • He is handsome to me.


  • He does not smoke.


  • He does not drink. It is okay for social drinking. Or, for some meals, he wants us to drink a cup of wine. But that is it.


  • He knows that I still have family over in China. So I have to spend some time, maybe once or twice a year to visit my parent, brother, each time could be one month. He is okay with this. He also goes to China with me or visits me for a few days. It depends on his schedule. We still talk every day through social media.


  • He is loyal. We have our close friends, but we know the boundary. We never run across the line. He is more than enough for me, so am I to him.


  • He trusts me 100%.


  • He supports me, encourages me, helps me on everything. He knows I will be the best version of myself. He wishes he could just meet me earlier in his life. Me too. Next time, please, let us meet each other earlier.


  • He tells me that he would love to have our own kid, one or two. He also tells me that he will be okay if it does not happen, if we cannot make it.


  • He respects my family and he cares about them. I do the same for his family.


  • He respects my friends. He always tells me to have fun when I go out to hang out with my friends. I do the same for him. When he needs to go out with his friends, I know I have to give him this space, let him be himself. I know I am limited. With him connecting with the friends, the world, those people will help him, uplift him, encourage him, support him to become a better him. Besides, the joy of friendship is something I cannot give him, I mean the variety in personality and stories. We all want to explore the world and understand people, right?


  • He is romantic. Sometimes, he would just bring me some gift, some flower. He just wants me to smile and feel blissful. Sometimes, he just shows up and visits me, I mean, before we marry.


  • He is considerate. When I am in my period, he would be more caring to me. He checks on google and knows what he could do when ladies are in their period. Sometimes, he would just make something hot for me to drink.


  • He is punctual, like me. When he could not make it, he tells me earlier. And he says sorry.


  • He always let me know what is in his schedule. So do I.  We know what is going on in our timetable.


  • He could live in the same city or another place in the states, before we marry. When he starts talking with me, I am the person that he could call me even it is late at night, even I am at sleep. Whenever he needs to hear my voice, he knows that he can reach out for me, even just listen to him. I do the same. I can call him even it is late. When I feel lonely, when I miss him, when I want to share something, I know he is the one I can call.


  • He is integrity, confident, optimistic.


  • He loves his parents and siblings.


  • He can be 5 years younger than me, or, 10 years older than me.


  • Before he meets with me, he could be single, or maybe divorced one time. I am not sure about the kid part. We will figure that out.


  • He believes in God or a higher power.


  • We travel every year. We are abundant enough to go anywhere we want.


  • He thinks of me first when he wakes up, when he goes to bed, when he achieves something that he wants to share, when he is sad and he needs to share with me what is in his mind.


  • He likes to work out. We could work out together when we both can make it. If not, we work out separately. We keep good health for us.


  • He is my favorite in this world. It will not change in our marriage, every single day. I am the same to him.


  • He is true, authentic from head to toe, both outside and inside.


  • He has self-discipline.


  • He has a right attitude.


  • He is thankful and he chooses to be happy.


  • He is honest.


  • He makes his words.


  • He is polite, gentle.

There are two parts I did not write down here. I will tell the universe from my mind.

OK. I talked about so much what I want in him and our relationship. It is a firm and strong relationship.

What I can do for him?

You know I will be a great wife, universe. There is no doubt on this one. Besides, he will find out.

Actually, except the “handy”, “confident” or “more confident”,  pretty much all above are in me.

What actions I am taking toward what I want? I think I am good enough and I am still improving, learning and challenging myself. I am learning to be an affiliate marketer with six figure mentors. (Please click below picture for your immediate free business startup free trial)


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I hope to grow up and grow old with him. I feel my life will be complete.

He will come to my life by the end of 2017. I am satisfied with and enthusiastic about at a level of at least 9 on a scale where 10 is totally overjoyed.

All of this will take place in ways that are for the highest good of me and of everyone else involved.

What do you want in a man or in a relationship? Have you really thought about this question? If not, please think and place an order to the universe. Let us wait and see it happened! Good luck for all the singles!


If you want something better, you will have to become a better you. We will help you on this one.  You Are Better Than You Thought!


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Have a great day!


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